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Flue Systems & Services

Global Technology for Local Solutions 

Dedicated to finding the best solution for your individual chimney installation

Consultation & Specification

Personal Service

Our team are able to give advice, make recommendations and specify to achieve the best possible results and identify likely problems. Additionally with our many years of experience in heritage building and the commercial flue sector we work with a wide range of specialists and are able to put together a team specifically fitted to your project.


Award Winning Flue Systems

Made from a Thermo Setting Resin Furanflex liners are flexible to install but stronger than steel when set. Resistant to 400 degrees centigrade and gas tight (certified to 200 pascals) these liners can navigate any stack, go around bends and set tight to the chimney giving the largest possible cross-sectional area of the flue.


Builds your chimney from within

Thermocrete is a lightweight but incredibly strong Monolithic Refractory Castable reinforced with ceramic fibres. It repairs your chimney from within, making it stronger than before.